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Atlantic Shores’ CEO calls for industry-wide solution rather than bill targeting single developer

Jul 05, 2023

Immediate additional action will ensure thriving clean energy economy in New Jersey

By Joris Veldhoven, CEO of Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind

Today’s bill passage reaffirms the State’s commitment to offshore wind. Yet, to establish a durable, thriving, full-scale offshore wind industry in New Jersey, we need an industry-wide solution, one that stabilizes all current projects including Atlantic Shore Project 1, the largest offshore wind project in the State of New Jersey and third largest project awarded in the United States.

In the last nine months, New Jersey has increased its offshore wind goals 50% to 11GW by 2040, while accelerating the timeline for achieving 100% clean energy fifteen years to 2035. We are pleased to see such bold, ambitious climate goals put forward. Our projects are a major part of that solution with commitments including:

  • 700,000 NJ homes served clean energy
  • $848 million in guaranteed local economic benefits to the state
  • $1.9bn+ positive overall economic impact for New Jersey
  • 4m tons of annual greenhouse gas reductions, equivalent to taking 770,000+ cars off the road.
  • $200m in public health benefits as a direct result decarbonizing New Jersey’s electric grid, with a significant uplift to air quality and public health in overburdened communities (OBCs)

Tens of thousands of real, well-paid and unionized jobs are at risk. Hundreds of millions in infrastructure investments will be forgone without a path forward.

And while the current bill provides uplift for our manufacturing partner EEW-AOS at the Port of Paulsboro, and we remain confident that EEW-AOS will be prepared to start manufacturing monopiles for Atlantic Shores Project 1, we need immediate action that also supports the Atlantic Shores Project 1 to keep these commitments within reach.

Atlantic Shores is living proof of New Jersey’s thriving clean energy economy and just transition that improves the quality of life for those who need it the most.

Joris Veldhoven is the CEO of Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind.

About Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind

Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind, LLC (Atlantic Shores) is a 50:50 joint venture partnership between Shell New Energies US LLC and EDF-RE Offshore Development, LLC (a subsidiary of EDF Renewables North America). Both companies come with decades of experience developing onshore and offshore energy projects across the globe. Atlantic Shores is comprised of purpose-driven professionals dedicated to delivering its 5+ gigawatt offshore wind portfolio, strategically positioned to meet the growing demands of multiple east coast markets including New Jersey.

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