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Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Responds to Biden Administration Plan to Create Tens of Thousands of Green Jobs and Strengthen Renewable Infrastructure

Mar 30, 2021

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — In response to the Biden Administration’s announcement today on offshore wind, Joris Veldhoven, treasurer and commercial director at Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind, a developer that has bid into the latest round of offshore wind solicitation in New Jersey, released the following statement:

“This bold agenda to develop offshore wind in the United States will create tens of thousands of jobs and build a more robust green energy economy in this country. The investments in strengthening port infrastructure and the domestic supply chain will open communities across the coastal U.S. up to tremendous economic opportunity on the international stage. As a developer, we appreciate the advancement of critical permitting milestones for projects in New Jersey and beyond. Together, these priorities will accelerate offshore wind growth and its many economic benefits for coastal communities.

“New Jersey is particularly well-poised to seize this opportunity and meet the growing demand for labor thanks to the strength of its unions. It’s why we are proud to be partnering with six local unions to train and hire the workforce that will build New Jersey’s green infrastructure as part of our bid submission. We look forward to working with elected officials at every level of government, in New Jersey and in Washington, to help realize this vision.”

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