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The Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind team THANKS all those who attended our virtual Recreational Fishing Informational Sessions on January 13 and January 28.  We look forward to our follow up discussion about key fishing areas in the near future.


Fisheries Communication Plan

Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind is actively working with the fishing community – both commercial and recreational – to understand their concerns and create a development plan with as little impact to fishing as possible. Our team aims to find a balance in the shared use of our ocean by seeking to understand and mitigate any potential affects our activities may have on the environment, wildlife and industries that fuel our local economies. Our fisheries communication plan outlines ways fishermen can communicate concerns to our development team and methods Atlantic Shores will utilize to keep the fishermen informed and educated about our projects.

Fisheries Communications Plan  

Our Survey Activities

Survey activities are a critical first step in understanding and characterizing the seabed conditions within Atlantic Shores’ 183,000-acre Lease Area. The data obtained provides important seabed conditions and marine habitat data that helps inform future project siting and engineering activities.

Data collected during our 2019 survey efforts supported the selection of locations for the deployment of two data collection buoys within the Lease Area. The data collection buoys, which will be deployed upon SAP approval, help us to measure wind, ocean and weather conditions in order to inform the best development strategy for future turbines. We look forward to consulting with the maritime community as we continue to plan the wind farm’s design and installation. Buoy locations will be shared with all mariners upon deployment.







(Photos courtesy of Fugro)

Atlantic Shores Buoy
Last Updated: Jun 14, 2021, 5:40 AM EDT
Our team is proud to partner with MARACOOS and Rutgers University to deploy an ocean buoy near our Lease Area, that will gather ocean and air observations. Data collected will contribute to the ongoing research, monitoring, modeling and analysis efforts of U.S. governmental and academic institutions in the Mid-Atlantic region, and advance knowledge of the Mid-Atlantic Cold Pool, an important oceanographic feature off the coast of New Jersey. By supporting regional oceanographic and atmospheric modeling efforts, together we can help improve community awareness of storms and hurricanes in the Mid-Atlantic.
Wind Speed
Wind from Direction
Wind Speed Gust
Air Temperature
Sea Water Temp at 1m
Sea Water Temp at 32m
Sea Surface Wave Significant Height
Sea Surface Wave from Direction
Relative Humidity
Air Pressure

Track Our Vessels

Atlantic Shores 2021 geophysical and geotechnical (G&G) campaign is underway, our 3rd phase of a multi-year investigation of seabed conditions in our lease area to support project engineering. Over 85 US personnel and 5 US flagged vessels are engaged in the campaign, including 3 NJ owned and operated vessels, the Alpine Shearwater, Commander, and Brazos.  The primary survey contractor – Fugro US - established a multi-year base of operations in Elizabeth, NJ for their geophysical vessels, including those servicing Atlantic Shores. Two additional geophysical vessels serving the Atlantic Shores lease area docked in Atlantic City, NJ.

Marine Survey Operations

Fugro Enterprise

March 19

Fugro’s Enterprise (LOA: 52 m, Call Sign: WDD9388) vessel will conduct survey operations within the Atlantic Shores Lease Area and along potential Export Cable Corridors towards Atlantic City and Manasquan.

Fugro Tidewater Rugulus

April 15

The Tidewater Regulus (LOA: 82.6m, Call Sign: WDG8927) is a multiservice offshore support vessel that will mobilize to conduct geotechnical borings and seabed PCPTs for investigation of the Atlantic Shores lease area for soil characterization.

Fugro Alpine Shearwater

May 15

Alpine Shearwater ((LOA: 33.5m, Call Sign: WDF5838) will mobilize to conduct geotechnical vibracores along the potential export cable routes for soil characterization.

Fugro Northstar Commander

June 1

The Northstar Commander (LOA: 73.2m, Call Sign: WDG5396) will mobilize to conduct seabed PCPTs along the potential export cable routes and in the
lease area for soil characterization.

Fugro Laredo Brazos

June 14

The three-legged lift boat Laredo Brazos (LOA:44.2m, Call Sign: WDG9589) will mobilize to perform geotechnical boreholes for the potential export cable route land fall areas.

The Lease Area is located about 9 to 20 miles off the New Jersey coast, between Barnegat Light and Atlantic City in water depths ranging from 60 to 100 feet (10–17 fathoms). The maneuverability of all survey vessels will be restricted. It is important that mariners maintain a safe distance of at least 2 kilometers (1.0 nautical miles) from each vessel.  Survey operations will be conducted 24/7, weather permitting. They are expected to conclude on or about August 14, 2020, but may run longer as weather and operational conditions dictate.

Click here for the Notice to Mariners_March 2021

Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind and our contractors will make every attempt to avoid damaging fishing gear in our lease area during surveys, construction, and operations.  In the event a fisherman experiences gear loss or damage believed to be caused by or the result of Atlantic Shores' activities, please complete the Atlantic Shores Fishing Gear Loss Form.

Meet Kevin Wark, Fisheries Liaison Officer

Kevin is the owner of the Dana Christine, a fishing vessel he operates out of Barnegat Light, and a member of the Garden State Seafood Association. As a third-generation resident of Long Beach Island who’s been fishing full-time for 39 years, he understands both the commercial and recreational fishing industry in New Jersey. Kevin’s job as the Atlantic Shores Fisheries Liaison Officer is to bring fishermen’s voices to Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind as a developer, so that we can work together to find the right balance in the shared use of our ocean and collaborate for the betterment of both our industries. He is here to listen to fishermen of all sectors and welcomes your questions, concerns and ideas. If you don’t see him around Ocean County, you can reach him at | 609-290-8577

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