When will the project be built?

The development process for Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind is already underway, including research and permitting. This phase could potentially extend up to five years. Subject to a positive final investment decision, the wind project could deliver electricity by the mid-2020s.

Will the turbines be visible from the shoreline?

The turbines are expected to be built approximately 10-20 miles from the shoreline. Under certain visibility and weather conditions, it is likely that the turbines could be seen on the horizon. Shoreline views are something that Atlantic Shores is carefully taking into consideration during our current planning process.

How many jobs does this project expect to create?

Although it is too early in the process to accurately access specific economic benefits such as job creation, a project of this size will require a great number of skilled laborers, especially during construction.

How much will it cost to construct the project?

Construction of Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind is privately funded through a joint venture between EDF Renewables North America and Shell New Energies.

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